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The Best Online Psychics of 2019 – Avoid Scams And Get A Real Reading By Phone or Chat

When life feels uncertain and the path forward appears murky, it’s not uncommon to seek the help of a ​trusted psychic for answers to life’s biggest questions. 

Whether you need relationship advice, help grieving the loss of a loved one, or just simply want to know what the future holds for you, a psychic reading can give you the insight and clarity you need to move forward.

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​However, finding the best psychics online is no easy task.  For every legitimate psychic that wants to use their natural ability to help others, there are just as many fake mediums and clairvoyants that offer nothing but false predictions in exchange for your hard-earned money.

​But don’t worry – ​​Getting an accurate psychic reading ​by phone or online chat is possible.  The key is just knowing which companies are ​legitimate and which ones to avoid – and that’s how I can help!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

alissa monroe

​My name is Alissa Monroe and I know a thing or two about psychics and mediums.  That’s because I’ve been getting psychic readings online and by telephone for the past 7 years and have tried nearly every type of reading you can imagine along the way.  

​I’ve tried everything from phone readings, chat readings, tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, chakra balancing, and everything in between.  

​Through​ trial and error, I’ve ​discovered where to find the absolute best psychic readings (100% real) and how to avoid fake mediums and scam artists in the process.​


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What’s better than getting a psychic reading online or over the phone in the comfort of your own home, while sitting in your pajamas with a cup of coffee or tea?  Thanks to advancements in technology, getting a real reading has never been more convenient than it is now.

The best part about a phone reading or online session is that there is ALWAYS someone available to talk with 24/7.  You don’t have to worry about long wait times, driving a long distance to meet in person, or the anxiety that comes with a face-to-face encounter with a real psychic.

Most companies also have a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone.  This gives you the convenience of being able to see which advisors are currently available or even schedule a callback if they’re busy with another customer.  And of course, you’ll be able to connect with them directly through the app, from anywhere in the world.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Foretelling the future through astrology

Most phone psychic networks offer a satisfaction guarantee to their clients.  Usually, there are two types of satisfaction guarantees that you’ll find on most psychic reading sites. 

  1. They will simply refund your account for the entire cost of the session.
  2. They will credit your account with minutes so you can try another reader from their network.

If you choose to talk to a spiritual medium that you’ve found on Facebook or Craigslist, and you are unhappy with your reading, you’re most likely out of luck.   Most freelance spiritualists don’t offer refunds or satisfaction guarantees. 

Psychics Are Screened and Tested Via Live Psychic Chat

fortune teller reading tea leaves

Most of the best rated psychic sites have a strict and thorough screening process they use to vet their readers and maintain a high-quality standard for their customers.  They test and evaluate them on factors such as:

  • Skill and Ability
  • Accuracy
  • Commitment To Helping Others
  • Honesty and Integrity

Psychic Not Influenced By Physical Appearance

talk to a real medium by phone

When you talk to a medium or clairvoyant in person, they could be influenced by your appearance or other physical clues such as:

  • How wealthy you look
  • The presence or absence of a wedding ring
  • How you act
  • Etc…

Psychics over the phone don’t have the luxury of judging you by your physical appearance.  They must rely solely on their intuition, spirit guides, or extrasensory perception to receive information to pass along to you.  This means that a telephone reading can actually be MORE accurate and reliable than one done in person.

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