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Love Spells

Free Love Spells Online – Find a Real Love Spell Caster Now

Live Psychic Chat needs to discover genuine romance, isn’t that so? Things being what they are, the reason not utilize a spell to discover it? Love spells are presumably the most generally utilized spells there are. Nonetheless, there are a wide range of sorts of affection spells, and it’s imperative to know the contrast between them.

Some affection spells, similar to Wiccan love spells, will basically make you progressively alluring by developing your attraction. Other love spells, will control someone else and compel them to begin to look all starry eyed at you.

Be that as it may, is this ethically satisfactory? How about we investigate how the diverse kinds of enchantment approach the affection spell and what separates one from the following!

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Types of love spells

essential oils

There are many different kinds of love spells! Potions, fragrance oils, perfumes. There are also love spells that fall into the candle magic category. Candle magic spells are very romantic, and their powers are very effective.

Some love spells involve the use of flowers and others are done by writing spells on paper. Some spells are cast with crystals and other stones. Each one comes with an entire body of knowledge and tradition. Then there are even more powerful spells such as voodoo love spells. These are often done with amulets, poppets or talismans.

Each of these spells has different repercussions and adhere to a different school of thought. Some witches believe that it is perfectly fine to cast spells, even if they affect someone else’s free will. Others, like those who practice white magic believe that this must be avoided.

For spells that don’t run you the risk of impinging on someone else’s freedom, you can stick to Wiccan love spells. Wiccan spells adhere to the law of “harm no one” and tend to focus on attracting what you want into your life, rather than manipulating someone to give you what you want. If you want to avoid causing others harm in a perhaps unexpected way, then stick to this kind of white magic.

Folklore love magic

Love spells are the most widely used and have a history dating back centuries. The references to talismans, potions, and amulets fill folkloric accounts and even appear in opera and literature spanning the ages. There are many different traditions and practices .

A Wiccan love spell

sunbeam trees

With this Wiccan love spell, you can send a beam of love to someone. It is something they will feel subconsciously without their free will being affected. All it does is purify the energetic connection between the two of you, like clearing up the pathway for the spiritual connection. But nobody’s free will is compromised.

This spell is from the Wiccan Spells website, and you can read more here!

Materials and supplies:

  • A cauldron or other place to contain a fire, like an ashtray or copalera
  • A piece of paper 3×3 inches
  • One red pen
  • Four red candles
  • Rose quartz or rose orgonite

The Spell Casting

  • Cast your circle
  • Place a red candle in each of the cardinal directions
  • Light a fire in the cauldron
  • Draw a heart in red ink on the piece of paper and write the name of the person to whom you wish to send your love beam
  • Hold the rose quartz in your hand and visualize the love beam sending out from your heart to theirs.
  • Kiss the name on the paper three times
  • Put the paper in the fire and let it burn completely
  • Then repeat this three times:

“My heart ablaze and shining, This love I do send to thee, If you find a place in your heart to love me, By the greatest good, so mote it be.”

  • Close your circle
  • Keep the rose quartz with you for at least a full moon cycle

1. Love Spell 1

For this spell, you need a quiet place where you can close your eyes and focus for a few minutes. Now think about the situation or a person you would like to cast a spell on. Let those thoughts and images flood your mind for a few seconds and let yourself imagine their face. Imagine the best you can and try enough to get a clear mental image. Once you can see the face in your mind, tell them everything you feel, and you want them to know. Tell them how you see the relationship in the future. Tell them everything out aloud but in your mind only. You don’t require chanting.

After you have emptied your heart and tell them whatever you wanted, see both of you coming together binder in the kind of relationship you desire. And before opening your eyes, say a prayer for getting help in your relationship and love life. Also, asked to be blessedly gain the love that you desire and that the outcome of the spell is the way you want it. You are done and be sure that the results will be delivered immediately and effectively.

2. Love Spell 2

This second spell is even easier than the one above. If you don’t have much time and you need one spell that you can repeat over and over again at a moment’s notice for increasing its potency, this one is perfect for you. Make the shape of the heart by clutching your hands together, the best you can. You can be as nonchalant as you can be because the shape doesn’t have to be perfect. Now envision the love you want to gain and repeat ‘bring me the love that I need, thank you, heavenly creator, for hearing me.’ You are done.

3. Love Spell 3

This is one powerful spell that doesn’t need any ingredient or candles, and also it gives fast results immediately and effectively. But you must only follow the basics of the spell casting. So, if you want to attract someone and want to get the attention of someone, go for this spell. Take a picture of the person you want to be attracted to you and put the picture in your room. Or, put it on the table or the wall, either will do. The photo should be good quality, good enough to make you feel you are living with that person.

Upon waking, look into the eyes of the person and wish them good morning with all your love. Offer their favorite food and gifts by placing them right in front of the picture. And then before going to bed wish them goodnight the same way you wished morning, with all your love.

4. Love Spell 4

This spell is called throat singing. This is the most ancient spell that uses no ingredients. For this spell, you need to rest well for five days and then fast for three days up to your will. On the day of casting the spell, make sure the person for whom you are doing the spell is at home. To begin the spell, sit down with your back straight and relax. Close your eyes and focus, the start throat singing or chanting in the following manner:

1. Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times.
2. Ask your beloved to “hear” you.
3. Ask your beloved to love you.
4. Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times yet again.

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