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Have you ever wondered if your partner or spouse really loves you?  Or perhaps you think that maybe you might be wrong, or misguided about a situation to do with your love life?  Or are even wondering when you will meet your soulmate?

If you have any of these questions, you are not alone.

There are always so many questions, concerns, challenges we might want answers to when it comes to our love life.  And it doesn’t matter whether we are single, totally loved up or somewhere else in between – there will always be questions.  But the real question is, how do you find the answers to these questions? Well … you need look no more because we have found that love oracle readings are the perfect way to help you find the answers to your love related questions!

What is a Love Oracle Reading?

Love oracle readings are essentially oracle readings that are focused on answering your love and relationship questions rather than general questions.  

Love Oracle heart hands

To get a love oracle reading, you can either do one yourself or consult a professional love oracle reader.  And to have a love oracle reading without consulting a professional psychic, you’ll need to have a deck of oracle cards (purchased or made yourself), or you’ll need to access a love oracle virtually via an online platform which provides them.  

Why Are Love Oracle Readings Different To Oracle Readings?

In one sense love oracle readings are not that different from oracle readings.  The process of reading and interpreting oracle cards and the divination techniques are still the same.  

How Do Oracle Cards Work?

Oracle cards (love oracle cards or otherwise) are used in a similar but less complicated way than the tarot.  They use the process of divination and the card meanings to deliver your answers.

Love Oracle card spread

The difference is that Oracle cards tend to hold less symbolism than the tarot and are more limited in the scope and depth of a reading as tarot cards do.  Also, anybody can create their own love oracle cards, so their origin is traceable but the tarot is an ancient practice whose origins are difficult to define.

However, tarot cards can be complicated to read and take a long time and a lot of practice to learn whereas the message on an oracle card is usually quite clear which makes them much easier to read yourself.  

On the other hand, if you choose to call a professional love oracle reader, you’ll get a much broader reading.  Mainly because they’ll probably use their psychic abilities too and will have a lot of experience with helping people with similar questions.

What You Can Expect From Your Oracle Reading

Love Oracle family

Be careful you don’t get carried away with your love oracle questions.  It’s so easy to ask questions over and over again, but the problem is if you do that too often you‘ll confuse the messages you receive.  

Aside from this mild warning, you can expect to receive insight or wisdom relevant to your situation that will guide you, but you’ll have to figure out how it relates.  

Love oracle readings are often uplifting and gentle with the guidance they give.  Love Oracle readers, on the other hand, can give you much more insight and really help you push through the blockages you might face in your love life.  

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